Frode Bolhuis
Born in Enschede (NL)  1979
Lives and works in Almere (NL)

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The works of Frode Bolhuis are not to be understood. They are full of meaning but impossible to fully unravel. Rich in narrative they might take you to a familiar place. You’ll see the traces of religion, the signs of starvation or inner feelings like a moment of surrender. Yet it’s always more; it’s the religion fading in a world of reason and reason losing itself in isolation. It’s the inner feelings of generations instead of that of one person. It goes beyond and shows itself in a sea of color.

The bright colors might well be the first thing that attracts the viewer; they are as unusual as the depiction of the works. The pastel colors mixed with neon and an occasional black are both lively and unexpectedly still. It all adds to the fact that the works are significantly incomprehensible.

I love to venture into the unknown. Looking for new ways to portray life.
I specifically look for things that are somehow magically playful. Often I take the misty memories of people, places or things as a starting point and then I intuitively alter them, change them in to something that is new for me.

In my studio I like to surround myself with a great variety of materials that I can just pick up when they feel useful. Lately my main materials are polymer clay, textiles and acrylic paint. They give me the possibility to work direct and flexible. But they are often enriched by woods, paper and metals like, bronze and gold.

I’m working together with galleries, museums, companies and individuals.
I teach at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

Together with my wife, three kids and a community of likeminded people I live and work on the outskirts of the town Almere.

You can follow my weekly updates on Instagram and you are always welcome to drop me an email or make an appointment for a studio visit.

Photo credits Maarten van Houten, Frode Bolhuis


Emile durkheimweg 177
1349 CE Almere

+31 (0) 647884326

Galerie Bart
Elandsgracht 16
1016 TW Amsterdam

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