Frode Bolhuis is a sculptor with a love for color. His work depicts the human experience in a surreal and intimate way. It’s refined, magical and emotionally charged.

He works intuitively with a wide variety of materials like polymer clay, textiles, plastics, bronze and gold. Best known are his refined figures influenced by ancient cultures, surrealism and design.

As a child he was always drawn to his father’s sculpture studio where the making of the work looked like magic to him.  And when he got the chance at age 16 to become the apprentice of two English sculptors with a studio just as magical, he grabbed the opportunity with both hands. He stayed there for a formative period of two years. After this he finished his studies at Minerva Art College in the Netherlands where he graduated in 2002.

He lives and works with his wife and three kids in Almere, The Netherlands.

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