How can I purchase your work?

Every Wednesday at 3pm CET there is a new sculpture available on my Instagram page. 

Its first come first served. 

Another new sculpture each week is available through a waiting list. 

You can sign yourself up here but it’s full for the coming years. 


Where can I see your work?

In my studio

at occasional exhibitions in museums or galleries   


Do you ship your work all over the world?

 I ship to most countries.


Can you ship all of your work?

 I can ship most works but not all of them. Some are to fragile.


Is your work signed?

 Yes, all the works after 2018 have a unique stamp on the back or ankle of the sculpture


What is the material you use?  

I use many materials but the colored figures are from Polymer Clay. Mainly from the brand Sculpey Premo. The bigger grey sculptures are made from raw bronze. Other materials I use are fabrics, plastics, paint, gold and silver, acrylic one, wood and 3d prints (acryl or nylon)


What is the size of your work?

The size of my work varies. On this website you always find the height of the work underneath the photo.


Do you work in commission?



Where are you based?

 I live and work in the town Almere in the Netherlands.