To purchase one of these works please contact me here for more information.

All daily sculptures are sold, but every week I’ll share two new daily sculptures on Instagram, each available for 700,- euro, including shipping all over the world.

secret scull

Secret scull

Height 8 cm, Bone, polymer clay and steal, 2019 € 470,00



Bronze 8/8 height 60 cm 2014 €5.100,00

1. roaming the unknown

Roaming the unknown 1

Width 31 cm Wood, paint, fabric, foam and colored yarn 2012 € 2070,00



Polymer clay, plastic and paint Hight of figure 24 cm 2020 €1.795,00

For when I know myself I will cease to exist grootk

For When I Know Myself I Will Cease To Exist – Large 4/8

Bronze height 60 cm 2021 €5.900,00



Polymer clay, plastic and paint Hight of... €1.795,00

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